Oh hi! I’m Katka, a multi-discipline Product Designer & freelance Photographer.

I love to capture your stories. Besides that, I design digital products and create illustrations, enjoying colorful aesthetics & storytelling.

I love design, photography, colors & delicate aesthetic. ​​​​​​​
I'm helping you to reach your business goals by solving challenging design problems.
Curious by nature, I love connecting with and understanding people, their habits, and their behavior. 
In the last 10 years, I worked for various clients, from corporations like Microsoft and Kiwi.com to progressive start-ups like Purascent, Littlespoon, BitcoinIRA, and RaiseMe. 
I'm always here to improve your product experience or build your products from scratch to successful MVP (Minimum viable product). 
My specialization is shopping experience: Understanding consumer behavior and creating products that can touch people and convert quickly. 
I'm particular about attention to detail and precision, always forward-thinking, and having an open mindset. 
That's why I'm here to create a stunning Design System for you and unify the design language across all your products. That can save you so much dev&design time, and you can test new ideas quickly.
What can I help you with?
Creating an appealing and fresh visual design
Unifying the design language across all your systems
Building successful design systems
Setting up a product design strategy that supports your business goals
UX Research (User Testing, Competitor Analysis)
Usability audit of your existing products
Design Thinking​​​​​​​
And what’s your story? ✨
Head to my contact page to message me, and let's make things happen!